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Action Plan for Field Offices to improve performance in declaration of Contractors and Principal Employers

Being a Principal Employer, this fact must be known to you that even if thecontractors engaged by you are having a separate PF code number, the overall responsibilityof ensuring the compliance under EPF & MP Act, 1952 lies with the principal employer asper Section 8 of the Act read with Para 30 of Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme. EPF Circular related…


As per the Indian Constitution, ‘Minimum Wage’ has been defined as the level of income for skilled and unskilled workers which ensures a sustaining standard of living while also providing for some measure of comfort. A minimum wage not just supports the bare level of employment, but also seeks for viable continuous improvement. It aims at preventing exploitation of labour….

Section 142 of the Social Security Code – 2020 Notified

Section 142 of the Social Security Code, 2020 has been notified by Ministry of Labour & Employment covering applicability of Aaadhar.  The notification of section will enable Ministry of Labour and Employment to collect Aaadhar details for the database of beneficiaries under various social security schemes. National Data Base for unorganised workers (NDUW) is at an advanced stage of development…

Govt relaxes deadline for ESI contribution amid COVID-19

In the wake of Coronavirus (Covid 19) in the country, a relaxation in the regulations of the Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Act 1950 has been brought about. The Director-General of the ESI Corporation (ESIC) has relaxed the filing period of ESI contribution for the employers. There will, however, not be any impact on the employees working in establishments and contributing…

Govt defers labour codes implementation

The four labour codes will not come into effect from April 1 as States are yet to finalise the relevant rules, which means that there will be no change in take home pay of employees and provident fund liability of companies for now. Once the wages code comes into force, there will be significant changes in the way basic pay…